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04.22.10 - Come On Closer
madame_parker: (D.Gray-man - Timcampy {pretty})
As today is my birthday, I feel that it's a perfect date to start posting in this journal. 

So, tiny bio. I go by Anya when online, I'm 26-years-old and I live in London, United Kingdom. I'm a daydreaming bookworm, who worries a lot, likes gen stories above all other stories and hopes to write a really good novel one day.

I have a cat named Buffy whom I worship. I prefer being alone than in a crowd, I like going for long walks and a library/bookshop is my church. Not much to go on but I hope that once I start posting, you'll have a good chance of getting to know me better. 

Feel free to comment and tell me about yourself.  
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