madame_parker: (Ouran - Haruhi {Patience})
Andra ([personal profile] madame_parker) wrote2011-11-03 03:01 pm

Oh hello there

Um, hello world. Yes, I'm very much alive. Boy, I think this is the longest that I've gone without updating. To be honest, I haven't had anything at all to write about. I've been pretty busy doing lots of things and when I haven't been busy I've been lurking on Tumblr, staring at pretty fan art.

I'm currently busy fixing up our flat. It's taking some time but we're getting there. I'm writing and reading a lot and my XBOX 360 is the most shiny thing ever, I've been playing some pretty amazing games the last few months. My need to fan girl about lots of stuff is the main reason I'm updating at last. Lets hope it lasts.

Feel free to spam me with how you've been doing and let me know about the new shiny fandoms that have caught your eye. :D

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