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Andra ([personal profile] madame_parker) wrote2011-01-06 10:09 pm

Rec Me Films

After watching the Dark Knight last night and some rather lovely classic films over the holiday break (Singing in the Rain!) my love for films has been rekindled. I'm out of the loop, so I'd be happy for any film recs anyone has. What film did you watch recently that really made an impact on you?
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Christopher Nolan movies in general makes me happy films can be as good as his tend to be, though there are a lot of dead wives (or in Rachel from TDK's case: girlfriends/love interests) with their husbands emoing over them. So yeah. My favorite was the Prestige, which made me want to go and watch all of his work. I've been in love with Watchmen for the past year of so (which is slightly darker than the Dark Knight was, but I find it less depressing overall, and would recommend seeing the Directors Cut version because it had the best pacing). I watched Legend of the Guardians a few days ago and found it to be an extremely pretty animated movie, that was slightly darker/more violent than most kids films, and an adaptation so the plot tended to move faster than it seemed to need to but not enough to loose you, and if I'd read the books I might have other complaints.

hmm, '(500) Days Of Summer' had well done story telling, but I wouldn't call it brilliant. Same goes for the Facebook Movie that I've already forgotten what's the title was.
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LAURIE IS THE BEST PART! (which is totally the opposite of the fandom's opinion, but...)
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OOOOOOOH and also one of my all time favorite films is Hero

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I loved watching Some Like it Hot on New Year's. I also recently enjoyed Oh Brother Where Art Thou, The Losers and Easy A - I was feeling ill in December and ended up doing a lot of lying on the sofa watching films I hadn't got round to seeing!