madame_parker: (D.Gray-man - Timcampy {pretty})
Andra ([personal profile] madame_parker) wrote2010-08-05 09:08 am
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Sometimes I do like shopping

I am now the very happy owner of a brand new XBOX 360 Slim. This is a huge thing for me, because I made the choice a few years ago, just after the 360 came out and the Red Button of Doom started happening that I wouldn't buy one until Microsoft made a better box, till then I was more than happy with the XBOX I had. It was a bloody long wait! All those shiny games coming out and me only able to drool over the trailers. But no more. I'm going shopping for games today. Hoping to find Halo 3 and maybe Final Fantasy 13.

Are there any gamers on my Friends List? I'd love some game recs. I want to really make good use of the one month free Gold membership on XBOX Live by downloading demos. 

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