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Andra ([personal profile] madame_parker) wrote2010-07-30 02:38 pm

An Update (because I have nothing better to do)

I have a really good reason for not updating this long. I've been looking into volunteering work and been very busy filling in forms, doing a lot of research and making sure that the other side of my life doesn't fall out of whack. Also, I'm overwhelmed at how the ebook industry has just burst big time.

On the fandom side of things I've discovered;
  • How fun and kick ass the Resident Evil movie series is. Anyone can say what they want, I adore it because it has a female character in the lead who is not only powerful but who also has her own story. 
  • Have re-discovered my love for the tv series Due South. It can still make me laugh.
  • Have also discovered Highlander: the Series, am slowly poking my way through the fandom.
  • Read and enjoyed the Coldfire trilogy by Celia Friedman. Again, poking through the fandom, thank god it's small and seems to have mostly really good writers.
So, that's quite a lot. And I still have to get through My So-Called Life, which I've heard good things about. And a bucket load of YA books.

[personal profile] miss_haitch 2010-07-30 06:48 pm (UTC)(link)
My So-Called Life makes me cry to an embarrassing degree -- when I watch it I can recognise the obvious heartstring-pulling, but I can't help myself! Hope you enjoy it. :D