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Andra ([personal profile] madame_parker) wrote2010-06-01 06:33 pm
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Ran out of witty subject line

I'm quite awful at updating. I think that's why I love microblogging so much, I can say as little as I want and not worry if I've written enough. As a result I spend most of my time on Twitter and Tumblr. I'm also rather shy and a lurker, I never know if I get my point across very well, I always feel like I don't have the right words to express my thoughts on whatever subject matter I'm interested in. 

It's not  a fun feeling. Always doubting yourself can be damn tiring. I'm a writer but on the spot, fly by the seat of your pants writing is something that freaks the crap out of me. 

So I read a lot and live in hope that one day I can express my thoughts in neat little posts that everyone can get something from. It's a working thing, always learning. At least I'm enjoying that bit.

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